The Coolest Hide & Seek Spot Ever

One of things I have always struggled with photography is feeling like an intruder into people’s lives and yet trying to remain outside the situation in order to capture it as is. I always wish I could just be invisible. I never understood how photojournalists who cover war can take pictures of the wounded instead of setting down their cameras to help. This is why I love taking pictures of nature and inanimate objects. Still, I am learning to get comfortable as the “objective observer” and get over my feelings of intrusion. Yesterday’s photos of voting were a big step for me.

On the note of blending in, there was a fascinating article yesterday in the NY Times about cephalapods, particularly cuttlefish, and their amazing ability to blend into their surroundings.

If you are not into reading, you can check out the video version on YouTube.

I am grateful for the ability to blend in when needed.


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