The Importance of Writing Space

office.jpgWriting is such a solitary task that one way to keep it lively is to do it in an inspiring environment. Thanks to the wonders of wireless technology, I do much of my writing in coffee shops. Still, my home office is a retreat for me where I can be surrounded by the items that inspire me to write.

This weekend, I decided to get real geeky and take some pictures of my home office (which is really a converted breakfast nook) and share them with you. Here is, also, a list of some of my favorite things in my office:

books, books, books. 12 journals (wirebound with unlined pages) filled with my writing. two photos of proud moments (finishing Grandma’s Marathon, meeting Gloria Steinem for the first time). an intact bird’s nest that I found walking in my neighborhood this summer (with tiny pieces of blue eggshells stuck inside). french-wolof dictionary. posters from the 5th and 6th annual Wisconsin Book Festival. my “signed-by-author” book collection. two posters from NaNoWriMO. a jade plant. lots of postcards and stationary for writing friends. my laptop. french-english dictionary. the desk i put together myself. a gris-gris from Senegal. and on a good, motivated, productive day – me in the office chair, writing away.

Today, I am thankful for the little breakfast nook adjacent to the kitchen which makes the apartment feel much bigger than it is and gives me a place to work with easy access to refreshments.


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