The Mania of Spring is About to Begin

A game of frisbee in Yahara Place Park with my sister yesterday got muscles moving that have been atrophying for months.   We caught spring fever so bad that we even had a 50-yard dash sprinting contest.  The open water on Lake Monona attracted enough water fowl that when I was walking home at dusk, blocks from the lakeshore, I could hear the gulls cawing.  Muskrats perched on the ice’s edge out in the middle of the lake that, only months ago, was my skiing ground of choice.  When we walked by our community garden plot, I noticed that tulips buds have started to poke through the ground.  I took pictures without losing feeling in my uncovered fingertips.  After dark, I walked to Jennifer Street Market with only one pair of pants, two layers of tops, no gloves, no hat, and my shoulders were in a relaxed state, rather than hunched up by my ears for warmth.  All of this can only mean one thing:  Spring is here!  Woohoo!  I am grateful for that.


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