The Miracles of Tape

I love tape.  Scotch, masking, duct, shipping, double-sided: it doesn’t matter.  I love it all.  You can do so much with tape.  Here’s a few projects I’ve done in recent memory:

  • Waterproofed my Bike the Barns route map (clear shipping)
  • Laminated my new journal cover collage (clear shipping, scotch)
  • Kept a dress neckline from getting X-rated (fashion double-sided)
  • Fixed a rattling bathroom fan (duct)
  • De-linted black pants (any and all)
  • Collaged homemade greeting cards (scotch)
  • Resurrected abused mailing boxes from near death by reinforcing them and covering up water stains (priority mail tape from post office)
  • Labeled the jars of garden-fresh tomatoes I’m freezing for the winter (scotch)
  • Wrote myself countless reminders and lists (post-its)
  • Made my road bike handle pads stay in place (electrical)

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say today I am grateful for tape.  Anyone out there got creative uses for it?

Create the Good Life. There is no map. Trust Nature. Laminate everything with tape.

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