The Perfect Running Mix

I have made the perfect running mix.  It is 34.1 minutes long (a reasonable, but challenging goal) and made up of all my favorite, fast-paced songs.  Its got me out running two days this week already!  The best part is that I made it up of recommendations that my running pals on Facebook sent my way.  ANy runners reading out there today, feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments!  Today I am grateful for my iTunes and iPod, which conspire to get me out and running to these songs:

Single Ladies, Beyonce

Whatever You Like, Ludacris, TI and Young Jeezy

Live Your Life, T.I and Rihanna

You’re So Damn Hot, OK GO

Hey Ya, Outkast

Hold on Tight, Electric Light Orchestra

Survivor, Beyonce

Freedom, Akon

Senegal Fast Food, Amadou & Miriam

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