The Pot of Gold is Missing

Rainbow in Office

Almost every work day for the past three years, I have had afternoon sunlight, CDs on or in my desk, and ugly ceiling tile.

Suddenly, this afternoon, they all lined up just right to make the most beautiful natural display I’ve seen in my office at any time during my tenure in Sun Prairie School District. I find it fitting that it was on my last full day of work.

I am grateful for the Universe’s alchemy, which can take ordinary things and create beauty.

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One response to “The Pot of Gold is Missing”

  1. After hearing Alice reference your website, I ventured here the other day to get a glimpse at the young woman who is leaving the table I just joined. I regret that I did not get to work with you, to know you in that way that smart and cool professionals get to know one another by sharing ideas and insights (and the occasional recipe).
    I wish you well.
    Karyn S-G

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