This may make no sense; my right brain is asleep.

Its 2:20am and the only sounds I hear are the humming of my laptop and the city plow that just rambled down my street. Insomnia strikes me from time to time and I usually am happy to welcome it. There is nothing as still as the middle of the night. The dead quiet of 2am allows you to really listen to the whispering thoughts that get hushed during the day.

I have a lot to be grateful for this week – mother nature’s audacious 13″ blizzard; an opportunity to read grants for the State; a long read for book club; Super Tuesday dinner with friends. But all these things have made my week go by quickly, stealing time that I would have liked to use to write, take pictures, catch up on email, hang out with Diene. I just haven’t had any quiet moments in the week to take a look at the big picture and prioritize. This leaves me feeling like I am running around at a fast pace without a destination in mind. Eventually I will stop from fatigue, but without having passed any of the landmarks I set out to see. The insomnia comes from thinking about all the places I’ve yet to go.

I am grateful for the quiet of the night which offers me time and space to reflect. I am also grateful that tomorrow is Friday, so getting less than 4 hours of sleep can be easily remedied.

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