Today’s List of Things to Be Grateful For

  • naps
  • sleeping late
  • staying up late
  • remembering the Winter Parking regulations, just in time
  • productive Sundays
  • a clean tub
  • friends going through the same thing
  • friends who are much smarter than I
  • fleece pants
  • cleaning out my inbox
  • still laughing about the worst movie ever rented a day after we tried to watch it
  • overhearing an iPod listener singing along to his favorite tunes
  • affordable gyms, nearby home
  • taking down the garden, winterizing it, running into my gardening buddy for what will likey be the last time this season
  • homemade green smoothies
  • flickr photos that connect me to my friends’ lives
  • scrabble games on facebook
  • upcoming holiday parties with friends
  • all the different ways I make money these days.
  • Monday morning drives

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