Tomato Plants a Plenty

When my Dad suggested we order 100 tomato plants from my uncle (the grower) and sell them, I kinda thought he was kidding. Sure enough, last weekend we drove up to the Fox Valley and loaded 80 plants in the car. Now, I have to find people who need tomatoes for their garden!

A little sign in the lunch room brought in all the office’s gardeners to talk tomatoes. All day, my conversations revolved around sprouting, staking, caging, canning, saucing, slicing, growing and eating tomatoes. It was a pretty sweet day.

I am grateful for all the other gardeners at work who filled my day with garden talk.


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  1. So how did the tomato plant business go. Friday we got my last 8 tomatoes plants. I plants 6 about 3 weeks ago using aqua-shields (or solar water shields). Your on for the first red one!!!!

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