Turning a Profit with Your Passion

Photo By Luismi1985Do what you love and the money will follow.  This is a maxim I really want to believe, but it just takes so much courage.  And quite possibly, a lot of sleepless nights wondering how long behind “rent” is following you…

Still, life is short enough that I can accept the first part (do what you love) even without a guarantee on the second part.

When the second part does follow, it is a sweet feeling.  Just today, I am reminded of this in a few ways.

  • I spoke at the International Assembly in San Diego simply because I love to speak and knew that a trip to CA in the middle of winter would be awesome.  I had no expectation of monetary gain.  Yet, because of a conversation I had during the Assembly I applied for, and received, a $5,000 grant for Project Japale Goune.
  • This month I did a short grant writing training for a group whose Director I know through work.  I was not at all expecting to get paid for it and did it without even thinking about that.  Yet, today, they sent me an invoice to sign and return for payment – a total surprise.
  • Find Funding Magazine has been a labor of love for nearly two years.  I gave up making money on google ads after my first month’s earnings were about $0.13.  A month ago, out of the blue, a woman contacted me hoping to hire me to facilitate a professional development seminar on grant writing.  The only thing she knew about me was from the website.

Today, I am grateful for the little signs that following your heart may indeed be a profitable venture.

(I am also grateful to be feeling somewhat healthy again, on the road to recovery.)

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