Wauwatosa, WI :: Home to Melee and Entrepreurs

I saw this today on Yahoo!’s local news feed. Naturally, I like to keep up on the goings-on of my hometown.

Computer Glitch Leads To Brawl At Wauwatosa Kmart

A melee at a Kmart store in Wauwatosa Saturday morning was started by a computer glitch.

The store was running a promotion in which it would give away $10 to anyone applying for its credit card, but the computer glitch led to everyone’s application being granted — bestowing up to $4,000 in instant credit to anyone who applied even if they shouldn’t have qualified. Once word started to spread about the so-called “free money” Saturday, witnesses said things got pretty nuts inside the Wauwatosa store.

This is certainly nothing to brag about, but pretty comical. Hidden halfway through the article is this little gem:

One witness told police someone went to another Kmart, got some applications there and was selling them in the Wauwatosa Kmart parking lot for $20 apiece.

Call it what you want (hustling, criminal, pathetically desperate), but I see the entrepreneurial spirit in action. A self-appointed middle-man helping supply meet demand for a cut. Sure, the ethics are dicey, but I love the spirit.

I believe that in every set back is a seed of opportunity. I am grateful for this guy for finding it.

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