Welcome Forbes.com Readers: Starting Your Own Business

Welcome Forbes.com readers.  I’m glad my story on how to go from laid off employee to business owner inspired you enough to visit.   For those of you who have recently been laid off  – I feel your pain.  I know how crappy it feels, but also know how rewarding it can be to listen to the tiny voice inside that says there’s got to be a reason for all of it – that something better must be on the horizon.

My blog has chronicled my journey from what I did the night I got laid off  to all the cool things I thought I could do instead of work to what I actually did using the maps I consulted along the way and how I ended up so damn happy with it all.

If I can be of any help, either practically or just as someone to listen, please get in touch.  To keep up with my story as it progresses, join the mailing list (at right).


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