What Can You Make With 10 Paper Clips?

Today, I am grateful to have so much (fun) work to do that I don’t have time to post a thoughtful gratitude today. Instead, a list…

  • new haircut
  • a dozen thank you letters from students at Viterbo for my lecture on Friendship
  • visit to the State Capitol for photos
  • a regular, well-paying freelancing gig (my first!)
  • sunny day
  • lots of good writing the last few days
  • The arrival of The Office, Season 2, Disc 2
  • Diene who can make even a conversation about potholes interesting and funny
  • the Leap Day contest at work challenging participants, What can you do with 10 paper clips?
  • feeling better every day (I know this cough is on its way out)
  • Realizing that I actually like winter
  • giving up fear about my foot pain
  • inventing a recipe for vegan oatmeal-pecan-raisin biscuits
  • the guy who walked in the frame of my photo of a staircase, making it much more interesting than it was

Dude in the Railing Picture at WI State Capitol

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