When the Seemingly Impossible Becomes Real

I have been feeling sorry for myself all week because of my hurt foot. I’ve been kinda hoping other people would, too. Then I read this article in the NY Times today. Now, I am grateful just to have both of my feet. Some people are so inspiring, fighting against all odds to reach their dreams, that I wonder if they aren’t just God incarnate.

Carter, 18, is a 103-pounder whose legs end at his hips, whose right arm stops just after his elbow and whose left arm is even shorter. He had the rest taken from him at age 5 because of a blood infection that required extensive amputations…(He) earned a berth in the state’s Division II wrestling tournament, finishing third in his region and carving out his place among the best wrestlers in Ohio

I’d love to meet this kid and tell him I am grateful for him and his story.

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  1. I’ve always been inspired by this guy’s story (as well as many others). He never let anyone tell him no, or let himself feel ashamed of how he is. I’d like to meet him too. Imagine what we could all acheive if we never let anyone tell us no.

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