Why I love Verizon Wireless

Two months ago, when I started my business, I went over my allotted minutes on my Verizon Wireless plan.  I called them up to see if they could waive the overage charges.  I had no reason other than I really didn’t feel like paying an extra $100 that month.  The customer service agent was kind and willing to help – she gave me a $25 courtesy credit.

This month, I again went way over my minutes.  I conceded to changing plans – I know my minute use is not going down.  I called to change the plan and got a super friendly guy who kept saying, “Cool.  Tha’s cool.”  He not only backdated my new plan to avoid overage charges this month, but cut my balance in half for last month.  Simply because I asked.  You never know until you ask, right?

I am grateful for good customer service, an endangered species.

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