Your trash might be my treasure

ducklamp.jpgI seriously love ducks. Mostly in their natural, alive state – but in photographs too. In December, during a White Elephant party some fool was giving away an old duck decoy lamp. I traded whatever other unwanted gift I had at the moment for the lamp and hoped that no one else saw its potential all night. Lucky for me, I was the sole duck lover.

I brought it home, sanded it and waited to find the perfect lampshade. Six months later, during a trip to Ikea, I did.

I am grateful for the way that the crap we all have taking up in our basements, attics, and closets holds the potential to make someone else feel lucky and grateful.


2 responses to “Your trash might be my treasure”

  1. Hi Katie,
    I love ducks too. Also have grown to expand my horizon to include giraffes. You are correct about the “fool” wanting to throw away a “treasure” duck. Come check my “treasured” ones out sometime after my grandkids are big enough I will be able to display them once again. I used to have boxes of them but have only kept the most special ones.

  2. hey, nice to see the lamp. That photo is so arteestic. Very cool.

    I see you have some iron and wine on you bumping list. I can’t help but urge and plead for you to find the Bon Iver cd. He grew up in eau claire, wi (a little home town pride) but he has hit it big with his cd–he toured with iron and wine and has played at south by southwest and austin city limits.

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