14 Great Reasons for a Late Night Ride on the Southwest Bike Path

Again, I am grateful my sister comes through on adventure:

  • less traffic makes it much easier to ride side-by-side on the bike path
  • great company, great conversation
  • tons of cotton-tailed bunnies on the SW Bike Path
  • the cover of darkness masking the ridiculousness of my outfit; making it seem that the black of my socks matches the black of my too-short pants
  • the strobe feature on my headlight providing fodder for endless seizure jokes
  • a cool mist that refreshes us on the ride home
  • smelling the blossoms of cherry trees (or was it magnolias?) at its most fragrant
  • Odana has no traffic after 10pm!
  • riding behind student apartments, feeling nostalgia for the undergraduate days (and relief that they’re over)
  • easy access to the bubbler, which has already been turned on for the season
  • passing the ghosts and shadows of old friends
  • being able to imagine the full length of a bike commute to Epic on Tokay
  • feeling so pumped that I am convinced waking up at 7am to do it again is a good idea
  • losing balance and veering off the bike path is much easier to dismiss as intentional off-roading under the cover of darkness
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