25 Things On Today’s Run That Made Me Happy


  1. Fluffy Snowflakes
  2. Ducks congregating and quacking on the Yahara River
  3. Other runners passing me, smiling
  4. A guy shoveling whom I startled when I passed, making me think I’m soft on my feet and stealth
  5. The Governor’s Mansion in Maple Bluff
  6. Patches of blue in the sky
  7. The sound of snow crunching underfoot
  8. Hearing song birds
  9. Oversized oak trees in Maple Bluff
  10. Thoughts of the Madison Marathon
  11. Thoughts of a training partner for the marathon
  12. Knowing that in three days I will be in nice California weather
  13. Two bottom layers – the right decision
  14. Well-maintained bike paths
  15. Cars getting stuck in 2″ of snow, reminding me I am not the only one who need new tires
  16. Maple Bluff mansions decorated for Christmas
  17. Deciding that I should leave my computer home while on vacation, so it feels like a vacation
  18. Living on an Isthmus and running from the shore of Lake Monona to the shore of Lake Mendota
  19. Passing our garden plot, dreaming up what to plant in the spring
  20. The hilarity of the recorded cross walk warnings at Atwood & Dunning (Please Wait. You are at the Crosswalk.)
  21. Seeing people out, bundled up, braving the snow.
  22. A few rays of sunshine peering through the grey clouds
  23. 60:08 on my watch when I finished
  24. Realizing that running a marathon is easier than writing a book
  25. Figuring out that I went 6.43 miles on mapmyrun.com

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