I think list-making is on the top of the list.

Its been a while since I’ve done a good Gratitude List.  With so much good these days, its an easy way to capture a lot of it:

  • Meeting Habib Koite and his band.  Getting to speak French and Wolof all night.
  • Trying not to get starstruck, but acting all spoony.
  • Cracking jokes in Wolof of the FatPig variety.  (See story for details.)
  • Finding $10 on the bike path last Friday. Crisp bills, just waiting for me to pick ’em up.
  • 29 days of (nearly) consecutive runs (soon to be 30!)
  • New running partners who are in better shape than me
  • Triathlon and half-marathon dreams
  • The abundance of tomatoes from the garden (more than 5lbs in two days)
  • Visits from a cousin who is inspiring, positive, and all around fun to hang out with
  • Books.  The fact that I’ll never run out of them.
  • The shot of motivation that comes from lunch with my editor and friend, Jill.
  • Being able to wake up every single day and decide exactly how I want to spend my time
  • Shaking off the 9-5 shackles (which have left some deep impressions that are still going away)
  • Diene’s ambition on the bike
  • Hot people who work at Willy Street Coop
  • Dane101.com and their Tuesday Ticket giveaways
  • Friends who want to hang out and do fun summer stuff
  • Lake Kegonsa being so close to Madison, and being a clean campground
  • clean laundry, the scent of snuggle dryer sheets
  • the flooded Yahara encouraging more hangout spots for ducks
  • work partners who give me business and pay me well
  • Seitan and pepper stirfry
  • Discovering Ale Asylum’s Hopalicious
  • my mac, my iPod, my car, my printer and all other mechanical things that make my life easy
  • Bonniejean, who has introduced me to countless new friends, and still remains a good friend
  • the myriad choices of coffee shops/sattelite offices.
  • pandora.com, kcrw.com, NPR.com, and iTunes
  • public libraries
  • the San Francisco Chronicle reprinting my story

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