Dragging Logs & Shaking Greasy Hands

I’ve been dragging a log underneath my car for a few weeks now. At least that’s what a friend told me the horrid noise my car has been making sounded like. But I lived with it for a few weeks, because who really wants to go to the car mechanic?

A good mechanic is hard to come by. Most times a car breaks down, people brace themselves for the hassle and haggling that will follow. As a customer, I don’t see it being too difficult for a mechanic to differentiate themeslves from the others: tell the truth, quote a fair price, finish work on schedule, talk a language non-car-folks speak, and above all, treat people with respect. It doesn’t seem too hard, and yet so few people do it.

Which is why I am so grateful for Wright’s Auto on 2210 Fish Hatchery Rd. The guys over there are doing things right. The removed the log (i.e., replaced my brakes), charged me a great price, and somehow made the experience of visiting a shop and shaking greasy hands really pleasant.

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