A Grateful June 3rd, 2008

Things to be grateful for on a dreary June day…

  • Finally getting officially fired laid off.
  • Having meetings on the UW Campus, working with intelligent, critical thinkers
  • Starting the day with a quick hello to a good friend
  • Sneaking up to see the view from Van Hise
  • Lots of social outings in the works
  • All the coffee shops on State Street
  • oatmeal with 2tsps of peanut butter mixed in for breakfast
  • the free weights that Diene keeps (and that inspired me to work out last night)
  • a thoughtful check-in call yesterday at noon from someone I’d forgotten I told about it all
  • still loving my new business cards, feeling happy each time I give one out
  • Pardeeville Triathlon dreams (plans?)
  • positive vibes working with an awesome editor
  • the time and space needed to find some clarity
  • accrued sick days
  • Marquette Riverfront Festival this weekend

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