A great library discovery in Monona, WI

Today, I had to get out of the home office if I had any chance of getting work done.  Sometimes, the couch has a magnetic pull on me that I can’t resist.  This is not very condusive to getting work done.  I decided I needed a quiet work space with lots of windows that would allow me enjoy the sunshine today.  I found exactly that at the Monona Public Library.  I type as I sit in front of sweeping views of Winnequah Park and plenty of green trees, a few of which are turning yellow.  What a great gift, less than 10 minutes from home.

Speaking of libraries, did you know that  Sarah Palin tried to ban books she didn’t agree from the Wasilla library?  It happens to be banned books week which has got me thinking about just how important libraries are.  And how grateful I am to be able to spend my working day in them if I so choose. (I am also grateful for the camera in my MacBook, which was really fun to play with during a burst of procrastination.) monona-library.jpg


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