A Perfect Day

A perfect day:

  • Getting out of a meeting 2 hours earlier than planned
  • Picking up my sweet new Schwinn Collegiate (an August 1969 model) from the bike shop and going for the first ride.  Telling anyone who will listen the story of how I found it abandonned behind my parents’ garage, as though it had been transported directly from my months-long visions of a perfect bike into my physical reality.
  • Dinner and drinks with a friend where laughter was served with the appetizer, main course, and dessert.  Having a friend actually take me up on the suggestion that she show me a sweet driving move, like whipping  a doughnut in the parking lot.
  • Opening the Isthmus to the business section and seeing the cover of my book, my photo and a wonderfully written article about my business.  Sharing a two-page spread with Don Wickstrum, Paul Moss, and Gail Ambrosius.  The latter serves up little nuggets of heaven at such a bargain.

  • The wherewithal to enjoy ever minute it.
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