A single drop of water

Chances are, if you live in Wisconsin, sometime over the last week you’ve heard one of the following:

Can you believe all this rain? I’ve had enough of it! Damn Wisconsin weather.

The devastation is beyond belief! We’ll lose millions in crop damage.

Poor Lake Delton.

We got water in the basement, but not as bad as the neighbors. I saw their new carpeting on the curb; they just replaced it after last year’s storm.

Water holds the power to create (my strawberries of yesterday) and destroy (the 2008 tourism industry of Lake Delton). At some point, the difference comes down to a single drop. If you don’t believe me, fill up a glass with water through an eye dropper. I guarantee you will be able to pinpoint the drop that causes the water to spill over the glass’s edge.

Yet, on it’s own, a single drop is beautiful, nothing more than a liquid reflection of the world around it. Today, I am grateful for the beauty in a single raindrop.

One Drop Beauty


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