A stroke of good luck

trek-pod.jpg Yesterday was a great day. I finished my last major grant of the year and turned it in to DPI (a day early!) I drove and parked downtown to run it into their offices and scored a awesome parking spot, right next to their building with time still in the meter.

Then, I taught my grant writing class last night and had a fairly large class (14). I just love teaching that class because I meet the coolest people with the most ambitious ideas on how to make a difference in the world. Last night, some of the causes represented were yoga for the aging, libraries in Afghanistan, gardening with kids, public radio, agriculture history of Wisconsin, and solar power technology. If I can help any one find funding for their endeavors, that makes it worth it.

The best part of the day was a phone call that I missed while teaching. Checking my messages on the way of out the Union, I learned that I won a Trek-Pod (see photo) in the raffle from a photography class my dad and I took this weekend. Certainly sharing the class with my dad was the biggest prize, but the Trek-Pod doesn’t hurt either!

I am grateful for the stroke of good luck I am having and hoping it will continue!

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