A surprise waiting for me in the freezer


Recently, a friend told me the story of a family reptile pet that died during winter (I think it was a frog or lizard).  Since the family wanted to bury it, they kept it in the freezer all winter until the ground thawed in spring.  How’d you like to see that staring back at you when you’re hunting around for leftovers on a lazy week

day night?

Diene called me at noon on a blizzardy day, talking fast enough to make me nervous.

“Katie.  I can’t talk.  I am driving to lunch.  The roads are terrible.”

“If you can’t talk, why are calling?”

“There’s something in the freezer for you.  Gotta go.”

Of course, I saw the divine 64% dark chocolate bar when I got the coffee grounds out of the freezer that morning and had been hoping all day it was for me. Finally, I could enjoy it without feeling like I was stealing.

I am grateful for a freezer free of reptilian corpses and full of surprises.

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