A Year in Review

As I look forward to 2009, I have so much to be grateful for in 2008:

  • A healthy, happy year.
  • Lots of fun travel around the US to give speeches
  • losing my job and starting my own business
  • a new gym opening by my house
  • a bountiful garden
  • new friends, reconnecting with old
  • a new coffee pot with a self-timer
  • big dreams
  • increasing my savings account by 850%
  • another great year with Diene
  • a trip to San Francisco to visit my BFF
  • lots of good books, my two favorites of the year: Middlesex and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
  • joining a freelance writers group that meets regularly
  • making some serious progress on my book
  • living the golden year after turning 29 on the 29th
  • tutoring elementary kids in math and reading
  • learning that people are not always what they seem
  • lots of friends who had healthy babies
  • the vegan cookie-postcard exchange
  • a growing number of published clips in my portfolio
  • a great year of taking pictures with my sweet camera
  • winning a tripod at a photography class
  • new cross country skis
  • my sister moved to Madison
  • my brother’s football team was the conference champ
  • fun road trip to KY
  • the blog and all the fun I’ve had writing it

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