An Ordinary Day

I am just about to retire for the night and want to log gratitude for today.  Since starting this blog, I often take moments in my day to think about what has gone right, and pinpoint any remarkable moments that would make a good post.  Ten dollar bill laying on the ground – that would certainly make the cut.  Receiving a high paying job offer – another shoe-in.    Even an extra pleasant run often makes the headlines.

Today, though, was remarkably unremarkable.  I got to sleep in a little later than usual (that was great) and got in a good morning run.   I had a productive morning and then an afternoon meeting with a group colleagues that I always find valuable.  I laughed a lot throughout the day.  I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up dinner and came home and watched tv while knitting.  Certainly a good day, but nothing all that remarkable.

And for that I am grateful – that my life is so good that I think the luxuries in my life ( a good job, healthy food, good health, good friends, family, a car of my own, an evening to relax) are ordinary and quotidien.   I am also grateful for this blog, which forces me to pause and realize them for what they are – the small miracles that make up a good life.


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