Backyard Birding

My new backyard is a birder’s paradise.  Every day I sit on my porch, close my eyes, and listen to birdsongs of countless species.  Recently, on a super hot afternoon, we found a baby robin in the grass, not moving a whole lot.  Assuming he needed help, we picked him up and put him in a shoebox with water.  Turns out, he wasnt sick or injured: likely just napping, as he eventually flew up and out of the box.  I can’t imagine anything scarier than being woken from a heat-induced nap in a cardboard box!

Another highlight:  a red-tailed hawk had a chipmunk in its talons and was swooping in the sky, clearly on a celebratory joy ride for minutes before taking the kill home to the nest.

I love being surrounded by so many birds. I am so grateful to bring a retirement hobby to life, well before retirement!

Homemade bird emergency room.

Eventually, he flew from the box and moved to continue his nap.

Splash of yellow on our houseplant.

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