You know you’re a Badger when…

My Digital Marketing class crowd-sourced this list.  What would you add? Tell us in the comments.

[Fill in the blank] You know you’re a Badger when _______________________________.

Photo by UW-Madison, University Communications © Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System
Photo by UW-Madison, University Communications
© Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System

  1. You’ve put your arms around strangers and sang Varsity on game day.

  2. You’ve risked being late to an exam so you could detour to rub Abe’s foot for good luck.

  3. You can’t wake up for a 9:30 class, but you have no problem getting up at 7:00 on gameday.

  4. Half of your laundry load always consists of the color red.

  5. You wake up to the sound of “Jump Around” on Game Day.

  6. You go to the KK and Chasers every weekend.

  7. When you sing “Sweet Caroline” at every social gathering.

  8. You are traveling somewhere and you recognize someone wearing badger gear and immediately become great friends.

  9. You high five strangers in the airport wearing Badger gear.

  10. You become overwhelmingly excited when “Jump Around” comes on.

  11. When deep fried cheese curds are a staple in your diet.

  12. You’ve contemplated invited Bucky to your wedding someday.

  13. You don’t know the meaning of turn down.

  14. You’ve pulled an all-nighter at College.

  15. You’ve gotten lost in humanities.

  16. You work hard and play hard.

  17. The Terrace is your happy place.

  18. When you have a Wisconsin W gibbet on your Crocs.

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  1. You reach the top of Bascom Hill for the first time to realize you’ve only burnt off the equivalence of a Cheeto in calories.

  2. to celebrate finishing your last college exam, you put back a few beers on top of bascom hill with some friends

  3. You have a top 10 list of best cheese curd places and they’re all within 1 mile of your house.

  4. You walk twice as much as you ever have in your entire life and you still gain the freshman 15 from beer and cheese (& it all happens on Saturdays).

  5. You’ve trekked to the farmers market to get a bite of Stella’s cheese bread

  6. You once told your parents you needed money for textbooks but you really bought pitchers at the terrace.

  7. When you still are curious as to what the “red room” on the top of Sig Ep is for

  8. You don’t want your daughter to graduate because you’ll miss visiting Madison!

  9. You’ve cursed the freshmen at Witte for taking up every single spot on the previously perfectly empty 80.

  10. you make it a priority to find a badger bar in every city and state you travel to.

  11. You poop on a stick and then your main boy Rod gets too drunk and thinks it’s a Fudgesicle and takes a bite of it.

  12. You wonder why they’ve never found a Becky Badger so Bucky can have a girlfriend.

  13. You want to yell GO RED while in a crowd which is screaming something at any event.

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