Beating the Winter Blues

There is something terribly satisfying about running in the freezing cold, crunching through snow, occasionally extending my arms like wings for balance. Winter is here and I’ve begun to notice a change in my mood because of the shorter days. Mainly, I want to eat more, sleep more and work less. It takes conscious effort to stay happy. I am already tired of having to bundle up to leave the house and when I shimmy through the ice-slicked parking lot at work to try and get to my car without wiping out, I pretty much hate all things winter.

Somehow, lacing up my running shoes and taking it to the streets feels like conquering the enemy. Each time my foot hits the pavement, it’s a stab to winter’s heart. With each recovery of balance from a near slip, I’ve averted its blow. Standing on the front walkway, sucking in cold air after running 6 miles, is shaking my fist in front of its face. You can’t beat me!

Today I am grateful to understand that a better mood and disposition is always within reach; I simply have to run to get there.

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