Money for Travel

I spent a large part of my 20s traveling around the world, and I funded all of those trips through various methods I describe in my online course, Manifest Money for Spiritual Travel.

If you find yourself wanting to travel, but feel limited by the struggle to fund your trip, this course is for you. Travel is one of the best ways to open your mind and seek your own spiritual truth. For those who consider themselves Spiritual Seekers, travel can be enlightening, energizing, and…expensive! Take this course to find 8 real ways to make money traveling so you can concentrate on discovering, not worry about your finances.

This course will walk you through eight different ways to make money while traveling, each of which has been tested and worked for the instructor and countless students. It will also connect you to the spiritual aspect of travel, and inspire you to explore not only the world outside, but the world inside yourself.

The Spiritual Seeker is not preoccupied with money, but understands that it is a tool to help them see the world, to help them experience the world with all five senses, to help them eat, sleep, and travel. That is why this course focuses on how to bring value to other people and, in exchange, find funding for travel.

The class is organized into eight lessons, each of which is a blend of placing travel in a spiritual context and practical strategies on how to make money for traveling. The major takeaways from this course are:

  • The spiritual lessons learned through travel
  • Ways to manifest travel abroad
  • Practical ways to fund your travel
  • Understanding the mindset of a Spiritual Seeker
  • Exercises that help define your travel & spiritual goals
  • A feeling of inspiration and possibility

Do yourself a favor and enroll today.

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