Busy Body

I’ve been so busy lately that my head spins when I lay down at night, trying to sleep.  This is not a bad thing, per se, but just a new thing.  It’s feast or famine for me and my business productivity – something to work on for the future.  I am grateful for the feasts though, and I make an effort not to complain about having so many ways to make money that I can’t fit them all into a day or week.  Other things I am grateful for:

  •  Cool students in my grant writing class
  • Cookies, practically on demand.
  • Learning how to evaluate grants.
  • Long drives through rural Wisconsin with audio books from the public library in the radio and sunshine on the horizon
  • Getting more article assignments.  Interviewing strangers and having it go well.
  • Another picture used in publication (this one accompanies an article I wrote).  The high of seeing my words in print is more of a buzz these days – its really when I see photos I’ve taken published that I get all jazzed up.  (See it here: http://fortemadison.com/ The Metal Work in Art photo.)
  • The beginning of Holiday Party invites
  • Cute new dress to wear to Bennett College, where I will be speaking on Thursday.
  • Getting invitedto speak at Bennett on stage and in the classrooms
  • Teamwork in a job search
  • Chatting with mom today
  • Carrots, apples, and almonds.  My staples.

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