Captive and Loving It

My bedroom seemed too bright this morning and as I passed the window I saw why.  Snow covered the surface of everything outside, acting like a bright white light reflector.  It was snowing hard when I woke up and continued for hours.  It was no surprise – yesterday the usual Friday afternoon office conversation starter, “You got any plans for the weekend” came with a suffix: “with the big snow storm coming?”  On the way home from work, I stocked up on fresh root vegetables.  I love warming up with house by cooking soups.

I did just that and little else.  Actually, cooking Cream of Carrot soup was the only break I took from laying on the couch, reading.  Wrapped in a blanket most of the day, I embraced captivity.  I managed a shower around 9pm, only to put on a fresh set of pajamas and finish the book.

Today I am grateful for the first snow storm of the year: its freshness and the fact that winter still has some charm.

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