Celebrating Through Work?

A month after the AAGP conference, I am still inspired in my writing. Ironic how the conference focused on grant writing, but that all my energy is directed towards my other writing! I guess being around people who love what they are doing rubs off on you. Yesterday, I was frenzied. I finished an article on traveling and queried two more. I have pretty good luck with my queries – I think it is all the practice that grant writing gave me in matching my work to a funder’s (publisher’s) guidelines. From the eight queries I’ve sent since the inspiration struck, I’ve gotten the “go-ahead” from 6 1/2 editors. One of them is being wishy washy, but I have not given up on her yet.

The snow storm this past weekend reminds me that it is officially winter, which means Christmas can’t be too far off.  This time of year generally has me feeling uneasy. Celebrating the birth of a prophet by buying junk for people who say they don’t want or need anything – not quite sure I see the correlation there. I thought Jesus preached to love they neighbor as thyself, not to buy thy neighbor what thee secretly covets.

All the excess is a bit much. Perhaps this year, following my latest run of positive writing, I will dedicate myself not to excessive consumerism, but to excess work. Sure, I could try and celebrate through simplicity, but that somehow seems unamerican

Today I am grateful for the idea that I can put my nose to the grindstone and work through the next month so that I barely notice the excess of Christmas.


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