Est Ce Drole?

nebraska.jpgAnother early morning, writing from San Diego! I have been so lucky this month to travel twice to be a speaker at Rotary conferences. This morning I am speaking to a group of 500 or so spouses of incoming District Governors from all over the world. My speech is going to be translated into 6 12 languages live, as I speak. I am up to go over my notes and make sure all my jokes will translate well.

Of course, I was snapping photos like a maniac as we flew from Minneapolis to San Diego; we were lucky to have a cloudless day so I could watch the landscape change below us. The picture here is from somewhere over South Dakota or Nebraska where snow covered hills abruptly changed into farmers’ fields. Very cool.

I am grateful today for Rotary Foundation and all the opportunity for growth they have provided me with and for being able to walk outside in a tshirt with out risking losing limbs to frostbite.

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