Favorite Places

There is comfort in visiting the same places over the course of life.  Yes, there is excitement in always finding new places through travel and exploration, but by going to the same spots at different stages in life, its much easier to mark the growth of myself.  Devil’s Lake has become one of those places: I’ve day hiked with friends, camped several times, I did my first triathlon there, I took the day off of work and went hiking solo to celebrate the day I got accepted to the Wisconsin School of Business’s MBA program, and just this past weekend, Diene and I welcomed fall by doing some hiking.

Having favorite place is something I am very grateful for.

East Bluff, Devil's Lake, April 2009



East Bluff, Devil's Lake, Oct. 2011

East Bluff, Devil's Lake, April 2009

Devil's Lake Oct 2011

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