Free Parking is not just a monopoly thing

I am taking  small business classes through the Entrepreneurial Training Program at the Small Business Development Center and really enjoying them.  Twice a week, I am reminded how much I love being a student –  although a lazy one who prefers to drive to class and park in the Grainger lot for $5.  I’ve ridden my bike a few times to be frugal, but its getting cold out at night here!  So, reluctantly this week I drove both on Tuesday and Thursday, resigning myself to the fact that I am wimpy enough that I’ll pay $10 to avoid riding a mere 8 miles in the cold wind.  But alas – both nights I got free parking!  The first night I found a street spot and the second night the attendant was having some difficulty with her computer and just let me sneak through.  I guess it pays to be lazy afterall.

In addition to two nights of free parking, I am also grateful for being able to drive around a while in  today’s gloomy weather, listening to music that matched the weather, and feeling happy (even if it was a slightly sedated happiness.)


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