Grateful that Michael Perry is in Madison

What a sweet thing to have Michael Perry, one Wisconsin’s best writers in town this week.  Last time I went to one of his readings, it was at the Orpheum and he was on a panel with another Wisconsin-born writer, David Wroblewski.  Michael posed for a picture, holding up both the paperback of his book,  Truck: A Love Story, and the hardcover of Wroblewski’s The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, saying it was only fair to give David equal exposure.  This was, of course, only weeks after Oprah had chosen Wroblewski’s book for her book club.  It was refreshing to know Perry is just as funny off the page as he is on it.

He is speaking at  A Room of One’s Own on Thursday, but as luck will have it, I can’t make it!  I hope some of you will go, give your abs a good workout through laughter, and swell with the state-pride that his writing of rural life in Wisconsin inspires.

Today I am grateful for a recent invitation to participate in the 2009 WI Book Festival, reading from my debut book.  The theme is Courage!  Come October, I’m hoping to see Michael Perry read again, because he’ll be presenting there too.

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