Gratitude for July 3rd, 2008

Mom is in town!  Its Ladies K time, all day, for two days.  Gives me a lot to be grateful for:

  • Amy’s cool new apartment, only a few minutes away on bike
  • Grocery shopping
  • Sweet, new bakeware from Pampered Chef 
  • My new running partner, Mejshe
  • My new running partner, the iPod
  • Bike riding to picnic point, meeting new friends
  • living in Madison in the summer
  • Amy rescuing David Allen’s Getting Things Done from the “Going to Goodwill” box and giving it to me
  • lots of laughing with Mom & Amy
  • getting up early two days in a row
  • escaping a parking ticket this morning
  • making enough money my first month of Business to cover my rent next month.  Whew!
  • Verizon crediting me $25, simply because I asked them to

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