Gratitude for July 7, 2009

A list….

  • My cousin John, whose birthday is today!
  • Having a fabulous 4th of July weekend
  • Sitting so close to the Monona fireworks, that a glowing ember fell from the sky onto our blanket
  • Spending a lot of time cruising around on my new Schwinn, carrying stuff in my basket, feeling very European, and very happy.
  • Great business ideas and friends who could make them happen
  • Putting on running shorts the last few days (and actually running, too.)
  • A really exciting, creative trip to St. Louis coming up
  • Working like a champ lately
  • Old friends and new
  • being in love
  • air-conditioning window units
  • the stranger at the Crystal Corner who bought two shots for anyone who wanted to celebrate freedom
  • pool sharking
  • car repair in totally inappropriate clothes followed by the most excellent day
  • growing up, feeling like an adult, feeling responsible and then having all that disappear the moment I am sharing a blanket with a cute boy under fireworks that had me and the crowd oohing and aahing like 5-year-olds with a sense of infinite wonder

VW bug hubcap shot 2


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