Gratitude List for Labor Day 2009

  • old friends
  • families who love to dance
  • a short-lived cold
  • over-the-counter medications readily available and affordable
  • indian food
  • a chance to explore Seattle by myself for an evening
  • weddings
  • having someone else there to point out the bright side
  • happiness with my decision to pursue an MBA
  • meeting smart classmates who I’ll be able to learn so much from
  • bike rides to/from campus
  • the no-hill route, which only adds 10 minutes to the ride
  • the hill route, which saves 10 minutes if I’m in a hurry
  • meeting a sweet old lady from Norway at the airport, making me feel useful and helpful
  • photo booths at weddings
  • glitter eyeshadow
  • learning my way around Grainger hall
  • textbook sales online
  • vivid dreams
  • new beginnings available for the taking
  • california dreams

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