Is this what morning people are trying to sell?

This morning I had to wake up at an ungodly hour and somehow managed to get up the first time my alarm clock went off without the normal pain of fatigue that mornings bring.  I picked a favorite work outfit,  declared today a good hair day, and had enough spare time to drink a cup of soy-milky coffee.  In my two-hour drive to Oshkosh, I enjoyed my latest audio book and arrived early (!) at the Rotary Club meeting where I was to speak.  I measure all speech success by the number of  spontaneous group laughs I get and today’s count was more than I could count on one hand – a great day (especially for a morning crowd).  I drove from Oshkosh to Fond du Lac along Hwy 45 with lake views of Lake Winnebago and arrived early (again!) enough to sit in my new favorite locally-owned bagel and coffee shop and blog.  I just ate a locally-grown apple that tasted like fresh cider and steam is wafting from my cup of coffee in a way that seems too perfect to be real.  All of this goodness before 9am – for that I am grateful!


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