Listing My Way Out of a Bad Mood

Quite frankly, I do not feel like being grateful for anything this morning. I feel like wallowing in the bad mood I woke up in. I want to sulk and suck down coffee. Listen to desperate music about unrequited love and indulge my insecurities. Put on really warm socks and sweatpants and spend the day in bed. Brood about the inevitability of winter.

Days like this are probably when I need gratitude the most. I am at least going to take the easy way out with a bulleted list.

  • Pandora Radio
  • eye candy at the coffee shop
  • a day off of work
  • these flocks of geese I keep seeing flying overhead in V formation
  • talking to my brother and getting hyped about Thanksgiving
  • wireless internet
  • my peer learning group indulging me by listening to my “work blahs”
  • introspection
  • backgammom
  • laughing with my sister about wine & dine events
  • again, the geese. i have a perfect view from my table by the window.
  • my car, which gets me safely from here to there
  • paying for a medium coffee, but getting a large
  • colleagues sharing personal stuff, making them seem like friend
  • my health and the fact that I can’t remember the last time i had a cold or the flu
  • feeling sore from days of good, long runs
  • vegan sheperd’s pie leftovers which get better day after day
  • red shoes
  • the beauty in a grove of trees without leaves full of little red berries
  • my easy commute to work, having plenty of occasions to take the back route lately
  • girl friends who want to start clubs (book club, dinner club, athletic girls club)
  • books, especially The Poisonwood Bible
  • the fact that I am feeling slightly better simply by forcing myself to type these
  • cell phones
  • free electricity available at coffee shops
  • friends who celebrate birthdays together
  • reconnecting with old friends
  • Jade Monkey, the cool new bar biking distance from our apartment
  • the way that pink clouds float around big groups of laughing women
  • The Killers

I feel slightly better. Not exactly perky, but perhaps I’ll at least change to a little bit more upbeat music.

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