The Profitable Road Trip

This is the first of five posts about travel that celebrate the launch of my online class, Manifest Money for Spiritual Travel

There is nothing like the open road to clear your mind.  One summer when I was in between chapters of my life (and likely in between international trips) I was living at my parents’ house and my favorite passtime was driving around with my 15-year-old brother who had recently been granted his learner’s permit. With him behind the wheel, I’d buckle my seat belt and remind him to do the same, and then we’d just drive around for hours.  No destination, no purpose, no hurry.  Just him and me, the road and the occasionally run stop sign.  We would talk in a way that was made possible by the fact that we never had to look at each other, we could keep our eyes focused on the road.  Conversations get so interesting that way.  Almost ten years later and my sharpest memories from that summer are of driving the streets of Wauwatosa with my brother.

I recently took a road trip with my Dad and it was just as awesome.  We covered so much territory (Wisconsin to NC) and so many conversation topics (from the iPhone to the future of natural gas).  There is something so relaxing about the rhythm of the car, the closeness of the others, and the paradox of mostly stillness (of your own body) coupled with incredible speed (of the auto’s body).

I am grateful for road trips and the discovery they bring.

Did you know that some people make money while on a road trip?  I’m serious!  Lesson 4 in my online course covers driveaways as a way to make money traveling.  I myself have never used this method to fund travel, but I know others who have. The closest I ever came to a profitable road trip was letting my Dad pay for the insane amount of junk food consumed at all the pitstops from WI to NC.  Learn how to make money traveling.  Enroll in the course today.



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