Out of drudgery comes opportunity

Last Spring, I took a class that was absolutely painful to sit through.  It became a thorn in my side for many reasons, one of which was that the assignments we were graded on had absolutely no correlation to our classwork.  I spent three full days of my Spring Break learning how to use iMovie in order to make a short video answering the question, What Do You Want.  While I never came around to like the class, I did come away from it happy that I had done this one video project.

Then through a series of events starting from a short book review on my blog, I began working with Noah Blumenthal on another video project.  Months later, its finished and I am happy to share it here.  I am  grateful for the opportunity to work with Noah, whose book I took inspiration from, and to have spent hours watching videos of positive, successful people share their secrets.  If it weren’t for that god-forsaken-waste-of-my-time-class, this opportunity would never have arisen.

Here it is:


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