Possibility is contagious

Why only one thumb up, when you can have two? Ephraim, Door County, WI.

It took me a while to be able to honestly write this, but I love being back in school.  Sure, some people say getting a Master’s during a recession is a cop-out, but for me it’s awesome.  And why should I let a little thing like a recession change my course; I’ve been thinking about grad school for over a decade.

What I love most is the exposure to new ideas of the course my life could take.  I am starting to see the appeal of so many new disciplines in the business school, and its not just making money.  Accountants tell stories with numbers.  Marketers are creative psychologists.  Real estate developers build people affordable homes.  Entrepreneurs innovate for a better tomorrow.

Every day, I am thinking about what I could do next.  What type of job I could get, what type of business I could start, and what I could make from my life. My imagination is on steroids (or maybe just adderral). And I am grateful for the opportunity to be at the Wisconsin School of Business.

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