Reflections on Getting Laid Off

Got news this week of three more friends being laid off – the economy still seems to be tanking.  Gave me pause to think about the last seven months and how grateful I am for them.  I have grown so much in that time: building my grant writing business, focusing energy on my book, and really taking the time to ask myself tough questions about what I want to do with my life and how I can best serve the world.

When I heard the words “eliminating your position” my very first thought was, “Yippeeeee!”  After only a fleeting second, though, my stomach sank, my heart beat loudly in my ears, and myriad real world questions started flooding my mind. How will I pay my rent?  Will I look for another job?  Do I want another job?  Am I brave enough to take the leap and start my own  business as I’ve been dreaming for years?

Well, here I am.  Writing to you in my most comfortable pants from my home office.  Happier than ever before and doing work that I actually like.  I wake up each day excited for it – something I never actually believed was possible.  And its all thanks to losing what I was once terrified of giving up – my job.

I won’t lie: for two weeks after getting laid off I drank too much, slept too much, cried too much and generally felt like crap.  But inside I let a tiny flame of hope flicker until I was ready to fuel the fire of dreams too long snuffed out.  I am incredibly grateful that it’s now burning bright.

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