Seasonal Work in the Garden

After doing a whole lot of nothing after Thanksgiving, we came back to Madison on Saturday, a day earlier than planned.   This was a great idea.  If you are going to do a whole lot of nothing, sometimes its just fun to do it chez toi.

This morning I took advantage of a cool, sunny day and decided to clean up our garden plot.  First I beat the corn stalks with the shovel, ripped the cauliflower plants out by the roots, and massacred what remained of the tomato plants.  Destruction is a very satisfying pursuit, especially when it is for the greater good of a stronger garden next year.

I  took a break halfway through to walk to Cafe Zoma and get a soy latte.  Warmed me right up and gave me the energy to rake all the remains into the compost.  When I was finished, the soil was bare and all the garden tools were piled neatly into the corner by the compost bin.  I covered the bulbs with chicken wire to discourage hungry rabbits from digging them up.  The garden was neat and orderly, a state it is only in when hibernating.

Today, I am grateful for living with four seasons.  A winter’s sunny day perfect for outdoor work, cleaning up the remainders of our spring planting, summer tending, and fall harvest.


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