The Addictive News

I get so easily sucked into crisis on t.v. as a spectator sport.  I remember the spring of my sophomore year in college, I skipped some classes to keep my eyes glued to the latest reports on Columbine, even days after it happened.  There is comfort in my belief that,  given the fearmongering that is the news, I am not alone.

Its so different when you are searching those live feeds for familiar faces, hoping to see that they’re still alive.  When you keeping watching those number plummet, wondering if you can afford to keep your house.  When you watch the convoy roll on, wondering if your son is safe.

After hearing the financial and economic woes of many friends yesterday, I am counting my blessings today for having a growing businesses in the most unlikely of times.  My heart goes out to those of us who are checking the news today, with a lot more on the line than entertainment value.

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